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Our roses are affectionally called "Field Roses".  

They are grown out in the open and exposed to natures elements.  

Each bloom from the one variety appears with its own personality or uniqueness.  
Unlike hot house grown flowers a bunch of Field Roses will not look uniform and perfectly the same.

Varieties:  Hybrid T's, Floribundas & David Austin Roses.

Colours:   Our palette is classically feminine.  From white to ivory, pale pink,  apricot pinks, pale yellows, golds, lavender to lipstick red. 

Scented:   About 80% of the varieties we grow are scented.

Availability / Season:  Our flowering season starts from mid-October to early November.   All varieties are repeat flowering.  So we get several "flushes" of blooms throughout the season.    We do our best to have a range of varieties and colours available throughout the length of the season.

Flowering slows down as the daylight hours grow shorted and the days get cooler.   Flowering finishes early to mid-May. 

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