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Both avid collectors Ken Wallis and TR Keller met in 1999.   They started Seasonal Concepts from their Surry Hills (Sydney) apartment.   Back then they  threw dinner parties with their home styled with oldwares and floral displays.  They started to sell to friends and dinner guests until they got the concept just right.

Ken raised on a farm in South Gippsland in the 1960s has always been fascinated by farm sheds and their contents.  All those items too good to throw away.   He loves how they have worn and weathered over time and some still retain their functionality while others are perfectly suited to be be repurposed for a new life.

TR from upstate New York has travelled the world with his profession as a forensic accountant.  Finally settling in Australia the year 2000.   This snappy dresser loves all things beautiful from high fashion to Mother Nature's bounty.

"Their combined eccentricities made visiting Seasonal Concepts

a unique and unforgettable experience."

Their Redfern Shopfront opened to the public in 2007 in an engineer's workshop originally built in 1856.   It combined pre-1950s furniture, decorative objects, natural curiosities and giftware with an Australian bent along with an abundance of fresh flowers.

It was a curated retail experience that provided wonder, nostalgia, exploration, questioning and discovery.  Seasonal Concepts remained the primary source of the film industry, stylists and collectors till it closed its doors in 2019.

Reinventing:  Both Ken and TR were ready for a change.   They found themselves seduced by the Tallarook Ranges and its surrounds, conveniently located an hours drive North of Melbourne.   By the middle of 2020 they had secured their dream property, "Five Mile Siding" and commenced work on developing a new Seasonal Concepts that would include cut field roses, Australian native foliage and a venue for selling oldwares.   The new Seasonal Concepts will open to the public from October 2023.

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